Ranch Facilities

Historic Thaw House was the home of the 4th Governor of New Mexico, Gov. Larrazola. The main part of the house was built circa the late 1800s. The three bedroom, two bathroom, home is used for visiting scientists and special guests. The living room can be used for small meetings, and the kitchen is fully stocked with utensils.

Bunk House is the headquarters for Denver zoological Foundation at Rio Mora NWR. This ranch style home holds the office, meeting room and kitchen. The image shows the living and meeting room. The bunk house is also a guest house with room to sleep nine. There is a fully stocked kitchen, a washer/dryer in the utility room and two bathrooms with showers.

School House Conference Center is a remodeled horse barn used for education, outreach and community workshops. There is space for seating 50 adults.


Woodlee House is a cabin and conference center on the west side of the ranch. The Woodlee house has two conference rooms, three bedrooms and kitchen facilities with a unique touch of history. It is currently used for interns and students.

Loma Parda House

Camping Pavilion, located on the west side of the refuge overlooks the Mora River and the prairie dog colony. The pavilion offers a camp shelter, primitive cooking facilities, a well with a hand pump, and an outhouse.